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Businesses who want to Increase Employee Engagement

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* Gallup

“This training was ‘Spot On’ for any team. Efficiencies discussed and getting everyone in the team-including staff-on the same page was invaluable.”

Michael, District Manager

“This is the first training at my firm that has welcomed our ENTIRE team to participate. This is critical for engagement and for effective implementation.”

Mark, Private Wealth Advisor

“Based on the coaching, I can honestly say we have a top tier practice.”

Duane, Experienced Advisor Recruit


Richard Dvorak, CFP®, CLU® founded Illuminate Business Advisors, LLC in 2017. What began as an advanced, high-level training program for financial planning and wealth management companies quickly expanded to include all businesses when he discovered that the core principles they were teaching were applicable to other industries as well. Today we are a one-stop training solution for small to medium-sized businesses that want to build stronger teams, increase engagement and ignite productivity.



Professional coaching is at the core of what we do. As Certified Kolbe™ Consultants we help you employ a variety of hiring and training techniques that are based on a more complete understanding of the unique strengths and core motivators of your company’s personnel.



We are experts in the field of hiring, training, and team engagement. With over 50 years of combined business experience, we are industry leaders with the in-depth knowledge and expertise to show you how to develop a better business.