How Do I Create a 1×1 System?

How do I Create a 1×1 System?

A 1×1 System is simply a deliberate effort to hold one-on-one meetings with each of the team members who report directly to you. While it may seem simple, many […]

Set Your Team Up for Success with an Effective One-on-One System

In recent articles, we have spent some time discussing two major components to effective leadership:

  1. Deliberately giving feedback – both, positive and constructive.
  2. Having tough conversations through a Performance Management System

But what is one key […]

Don’t Avoid Uncomfortable Conversations: Creating a Performance Management Process that Makes Your Team and Business Better

In your business, what is simple and necessary, but hard to do? In our experience, it is the company’s Performance Management Process. A Performance Management Process is a consistent, effective, system to deliver constructive feedback […]

Why, When, and How to Give Better Feedback

At Illuminate Business Advisors, we help businesses hire the right fit, train effectively to build better teams, and increase team engagement. One of the ways that we do that is by helping them develop, improve, […]

Quit Exhausting Your Team – Delegate to Empower

Effective delegation can be a powerful tool in engaging your employees well. This is especially true during this season of more remote work and less in-person interactions. More than ever, now is the time to […]

Conation in a Crisis – How Your Team Can Still Thrive

As we experience the COVID-19 global pandemic, business owners around the globe have had to adjust quickly to stay afloat. With so many changes and uncertainty, it is hard to be productive and even harder […]

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