What is Conative Stress and Why Should You Care?

Conation is the part of the mind that determines how we take action.

It’s our instinctive strength. When you approach a problem or a project, what is your first – instinctive – way to approach that […]

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The Best Tool You’ve Never Heard of for Hiring, Training, and Teamwork

What is the best tool you can use to build and keep the right team in your organization? It is not a resume, or an interview, or a personality test. Those are standard practices in […]

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Why Do My Employees Dread Training?

Whether training a new employee or providing professional development to your team, training is a necessary component of every business. But are your team members interested in the content? Are they learning? Are the time […]

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Conation in Action – A Closer Look at Conation in the Workplace

Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists tend to agree on a three-part human mind, with separate domains for thinking, feeling, and acting, or taking action. Cognition, the thinking part, can be measured with assessment […]

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