Conation in a Crisis – How Your Team Can Still Thrive

As we experience the COVID-19 global pandemic, business owners around the globe have had to adjust quickly to stay afloat. With so many changes and uncertainty, it is hard to be productive and even harder […]

What is Conative Stress and Why Should You Care?

Conation is the part of the mind that determines how we take action.

It’s our instinctive strength. When you approach a problem or a project, what is your first – instinctive – way to approach that […]

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Organizational Change through Conative Cloning

Conative cloning is a phenomenon that we see with many businesses, where they’ve hired people with very similar conative strengths. Typically, a business owner hires somebody like themselves to delegate to. If that works well […]

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Conation in Action – A Closer Look at Conation in the Workplace

Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists tend to agree on a three-part human mind, with separate domains for thinking, feeling, and acting, or taking action. Cognition, the thinking part, can be measured with assessment […]

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