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After experiencing the success of using the Illuminate principles in his own practice, Richard developed a powerful on-site program uniquely designed for financial advisors.

In addition to our programs to Hire the Right Fit, Train Effectively, and Increase Employee Engagement, we can also help you use the following processes in your practice:

The Client Advisory Board System

We provide a turnkey process for running an effective Client Advisory Board. We are also available to facilitate the meeting with your clients. Download

The Practice Evolution Cycle

Every practice goes through a cycle of growth that puts strain on the infrastructure. Identification of where you stand in the cycle helps identify specific improvements.

The Experienced Advisor Recruit Fast Start

Smoothly transition your team and your clients to a new broker dealer through effective use of tools and capabilities, minimal disruption to your clients, continued growth in your revenue, and proven systems.

The Systems Manual Review

We help you build a Systems Manual that will empower your team to work independently, lower the burden of absences or turnover on the team, and improve consistent adherence to compliance requirements.

* Content from PEAK Advisor Alliance®, Strategic Coach®, and Kolbe Corp. are not copied, used, or duplicated in our program.

The Efficiency Optimizer Solution

Do you want to ensure that your systems and processes are running efficiently? Our thorough, on-site process helps you identify areas for improvement with systems, processes, delegation, and communication. Download.

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