Hire the Right Fit


One of the costliest mistakes a business owner can make is hiring the wrong person. Through our Kolbe RightFit™ Hiring Solution, we show you how to screen and select the best job applicants for a position. Instead of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform, our Kolbe RightFit™ Hiring Solution helps you identify the strengths of each candidate and their required instinctive methods of operation. Then, we objectively rank how well each applicant’s instincts compare to that ideal. Using this process, you can match the methods of proven high-performers. You can also identify a critical gap on the team and select the right person to fill that gap.

Kolbe RightFit™ meets Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements as a selection tool that clearly establishes job relatedness.

Kolbe RightFit™ Hiring Solution (PDF)
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