After completing our program to Increase Employee Engagement, participants reported the following results:

I am able to delegate most of my non-revenue generating activities to my staff or another team member.
Our team works effectively together.
Each team member acts with a sense of ownership over their role and tasks.
When I assign a task to staff or another team member, I am confident it will get done accurately and on time.
I spend most of my time doing activities that generate revenue, excite me, and lead to business growth.

What Leaders Are Saying

“I have had the ability to travel in the field and hear multiple advisors, corporate heads and wholesalers facilitate and coach events over the last several years. Richard may be the best coach that I have worked with. He has a wealth of experience as an advisor and team leader and is very passionate about his business. He is very structured and organized and this shines through in his ability to facilitate a group of advisors and their teams. He clearly put a lot of time and effort into his deliverable and it shows. I was very pleased with the time I spent in this workshop and have already started to implement some of the learnings.”

Paul, District Manager

“This training was “Spot On” for any team. Efficiencies discussed and getting everyone in the team including staff on the same page was invaluable. Everyone left motivated and excited to do their part to improve the business, client experience and implement efficiencies. Every attendee asked me when we were doing the follow up with Richard since they couldn’t wait to keep moving ahead with the workshop ideas.”

Michael, District Manager

What Financial Advisors Are Saying

“Your coaching is practical and applicable to all advisor channels, whether independent or with a broker dealer. As a 30-year veteran in this industry, I was looking for something to help me grow and break out of the plateau I am on. I have experience, knowledge and habits, both good and bad. You are helping me get rid of the bad habits, enhance the good habits, and develop completely new habits. Your commonsense approach of tailoring your coaching program to the strengths of my practice is perfect. Your program is not a ‘do-it-my-way program.’ You allow us to tailor how we want to be coached, the direction to go in and what is important to us at this stage of our business. Then you apply your analytical coaching skills and the parts of your program to match our coaching goals. Brilliant!”

Michael, Private Wealth Advisor

“This is the first training at my firm that has welcomed our entire team to participate. This is critical for engagement and for effective implementation. As a group, we were able to immediately leverage tools that Richard provided us with to fill gaps in our practice. For example, it can be challenging to get all team members singing from the same sheet of music when it comes to implementing a new system across the board; the two-week implementer provided us with a SIMPLE way to accomplish this, be accountable and consistently continue to do it. Thank you!”

Mark, Private Wealth Advisor

“I feel good going into 2018 because for the first time I feel that I have systems in place. The coaching that I’ve received has done a lot for our practice including pre-scheduling meetings for the next year, meeting follow up, setting tasks and making sure everyone on the team is on the same page. My strength has always been sitting down with clients on a one on one basis, but the part I was missing was organization and repeatable systems.”

Darrell, Private Wealth Advisor

“I am an Experienced Advisor Recruit who joined the firm in June 2016. Immediately, I began to understand some of the resources available to me here as an advisor. It was a bit overwhelming at first as my previous firm paled in comparison. What Richard Dvorak’s training does is to lasso all the great things being done here at my firm along with his years of outside coaching and combine these into one single system/thought process/paradigm that makes any advisor/team who is willing to make the changes incredibly focused and forward looking. Based on the coaching, I can honestly say we have a top tier practice. Not so much in production at this point, but definitely in our operations. We could have eventually gotten close to this but it would have taken years and a lot of pain through trial and error.”

Duane, Experienced Advisor Recruit

What Team Members Are Saying

“Probably the biggest win I see from this coaching program is that it involves the entire team, not just the advisor. We already had healthy relationships with each other, but going through the training together has brought greater clarity to who we are, what we want to do and how we are going to do it.”

Blythe, Client Service Coordinator

“I am happy that we have an effective delegation system. This allows me to get tasks with specific due dates, and minimizes interruptions. We have a better workflow.”

Athena, Team Member

“We are creating efficiencies. We had a hodgepodge system for delegating – sometimes it would be by email, sometimes verbally, and sometimes we used a spreadsheet. Now we have a definitive system.”

Carson, Registered Practice Associate