What do my numbers mean?

The Kolbe A Index measures your conation across four action modes – your “numbers.” These
numbers, 1-10 in each mode, make up your instinctive method of operation – or MO. Your MO
indicates how you instinctively take action in each of four action modes.
The four action modes include Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start, and Implementor. You will
either initiate (71-10), accommodate (4-6), or resist (1-3) in each of the action modes. This
information is predictive of how you will approach a task or solve a problem, with whom you
are more likely to have conflict with, and what tasks you should accept or avoid.
So you have your four numbers…now what? Let’s dive in on how each action mode plays out in
real life…

Fact Finder

The first number is your Fact Finder – how you gather and share information. A “short” Fact
Finder (1-3) might focus on the bottom line. They may want to simplify the solutions or
condense data. But a “long” Fact Finder (7-10) may need a lot of data. They have questions.
They want to research and build on experience.

Follow Thru

The second number is Follow Thru – how you organize and systematize. A “short” Follow Thru
will look for the fastest path to the end of the task list, create short cuts, be flexible, and multi-
task without a need to necessarily see all tasks through to completion. But a “long” Follow Thru
has a strong conative need to create systems, follow a check list, complete one task before
moving on to the next.

Quick Start

The third number is Quick Start – how you deal with risk and uncertainty. A “short” Quick Start
might want to minimize chaos, protect the status quo, and take their time making the next
step. But a “long” Quick Start might like to try new things and experiment. They’re driven by
deadlines. They like to brainstorm ideas.


The fourth number is Implementor – how you deal with space and tangibles. A “short”
Implementor might like to deal with things in an abstract, intangible way, simulate situations,
describe something without having to demonstrate. But a “long” Implementor might like to
physically demonstrate or create three-dimensional solutions.

Last, across all action modes, some people will be right in the middle – accommodators (4-6).
Generally, accommodators in each action mode can better relate to those on each end of the
mode. They sustain systems, identify inconsistencies, and adjust to the schedule or program.

You may already identify with some of these conative strengths. It is important to avoid
guessing your numbers or stereotyping someone else into their numbers. The only way to truly
know your numbers is to take your Kolbe A Index. Contact us to learn more about how you can know your numbers.