Whether training a new employee or providing professional development to your team, training is a necessary component of every business. But are your team members interested in the content? Are they learning? Are the time and money spent to create and deliver the content worth it?

In a 2015 InterCall survey of over 200 employees, one-third said their company’s training techniques are not a productive use of their time. Another third said those techniques were not interesting or engaging.

You have content you need to pass on to your team. How can you deliver it in a way that increases retention, sparks action, and eases frustration for your team?

The IBA Training Accelerator helps you personalize your training techniques and avoid the one-size-fits-all approach that has proven over time to be ineffective and boring. The first step is to identify the conative strengths of the leader and the employee(s). Then, the leader receives a Coaching Report with specific recommendations on how to personalize the training techniques for that employee.

For example, Employee A is an initiating Fact Finder. She will need specific details and freedom to do more research. She may need more time up front. Employee B is an initiating Follow Thru and will need a logical, systematic approach through training topics. He will need to check off modules before moving to the next one. Employee C is an initiating Quick Start who only needs the highlights in short bursts over time with freedom to jump between topics. Employee D is an initiating Implementor who will learn best through hands-on or on-the-job training.

Each of these employees received the same content, but the most effective delivery methods varied widely based on their conative strengths. With the number of acceptable training techniques available today, do not miss the opportunity to train well.